Web Page Design
GDES 308-001
MTWRF // May 20th – June 7th
Kim Spencer

A course developing the design of Web sites. Emphasis is placed on HTML and CSS development, the visual design, navigation and communication of Web sites.

The goal of this class to cover basic web design techniques and processes. It is imperative that the designer understand the intricacies of web site architecture, usability and strategies in order to design effectively. The class will be supplemented with lectures, presentations, demonstrations, group critiques and in-class exercises.


GDES 491-001
MTWRF // May 20th – June 7th
Daniel Cole

A studio course that examines the processes and methods of silk-screen production. This course will approach the fundamentals of silk-screening with an emphasis on its unexpected outcomes. The exploration of alternatives to traditional and digital printing are encouraged through a hands-on approach. CRN: 34743


GDES 491-002
MTWRF // May 20th – June 7th
Ernest Bernhardi

Schwitters, Hoch, Heartfield, Zwart—Typographic Collage is an opportunity to channel the light of summer, scent of ephemera and the substance of found content, into beautiful and communicative compositions. This three-week course stresses the importance of typographic design as an activity in which participants learn inspiration is not something to be sought but rather, that which naturally emerges through working with physical materials. CRN: 34742


GDES 491-003
MTWRF // May 20th – June 7th
Allison Schumacher

During this 3 week Summer session students will develop a strong working knowledge of the tools and materials used in contemporary bookmaking. Students will also learn to integrate structure with concept and content in the development of their own one-of-a-kind artists’ books. Various forms of bookbinding, paper engineering, and image-making techniques will be demonstrated as students produce 4 different book bindings, 1 hand-made box, and develop 1 larger conceptual book project. CRN: 33088


GDES 491-004
MTWRF // June 10th – July 10th
Diane Roman

This course focuses on learning printing techniques used in letterpress, understanding how the fundamental concepts in typography have their origins in metal type, and the creation of an edition. Student will have the opportunity to experiment with alternative objects to print with, develop their own color palettes, investigate brayering techniques, and create a limited edition for possible exchange with the class.

Students will learn letterpress printing through a series of demonstrations and studio projects. There is no pre-requisite for this course; a familiarity with basic type terminology is beneficial, but not necessary. Come with enthusiasm! Beginners and experienced printers welcome.


GDES 491-005
TR // May 21st – July 11th
John O’Neill

Students will learn the standards of HTML5 and CSS3 to design responsive web sites for a variety of devices, which include desktops, mobile phones and tablets. The course will also focus on the usability and navigation principles for the most effective critical thinking when designing web sites. CRN: 34767


GDES 491-006
MW // June 10th – July 31st
John O’Neill

Students will learn how to use the interactive features of Adobe InDesign to design and develop interactive publishing solutions for tablet devices.  The course will also focus on typography and navigation principles for the most effective critical thinking when designing interactive solutions. CRN: 34766


GDES 491-007
MTWRF // June 10th – July 10th
Ernest Bernhardi

An experimental workshop exploring ways to integrate the camera and photographic image-making into the design process, for the purpose of creating engaging and unique objects of graphic design.