Current Graphic Design MFA Students

The graduate program in Visual Communications is oriented toward individuals interested in conducting visual or theoretical research, and in investigating the intersection of function and expression in design problem solving. The faculty emphasizes a rigorous theoretical framework, an historical perspective, and an awareness of contemporary issues as the basis for addressing present and future communication problems.

The program encourages and actively integrates ethical issues and a concern for the natural environment into its curriculum. Faculty continually stress the contextual significance and influence of visual communications design on society and culture and its capacity to affect both the perception and reality of the individual’s quality of life.


Rasim Bayramov

Molly Garrett

Tariye George-Phillips

Aya Khalife

Yangyang Zhang


Kai Chu Chuang

Bradley Sinanan

Taehee Whang

Yuan Xin

Image: “Tracing Motion” by Stephanie Clark, from the 2015 Graphic Design MFA thesis exhibition.