A student installing an exhibition with panels of red fabric

Engage deeply in now: question, reimagine, create.

Graduate studies at VCUarts sustains an international community of thinkers, makers, performers, teachers and scholars who collectively and perpetually explore uncertainties, consider alternatives, and compel others to do the same. 

VCUarts graduate programs are collaboratively directed by an accomplished faculty whose creative work and pedagogical approaches transcend disciplinary boundaries. The rigor of graduate work is upheld within a supportive environment that allows oneself to fully feel, examine, question and doubt — while also producing work that variously prompts new insight, challenges perceived proclamations and/or calls attention to pressing contemporary issues and their deeply historical roots.  

Artmaking, scholarly research, creative performance—these are simultaneously private endeavors and means to connect. Resonant connections arise from an annual roster of acclaimed visiting artists and guest speakers, as well as alumni across the country and around the globe.

The local is no less expansive. Richmond, Virginia, is one of the region’s most culturally vibrant cities and a key part of the graduate experience. The city is home to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU, numerous galleries and performing arts venues. It’s also a quick trip to Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City.

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Graduate Admissions Events

Learn more about VCUarts graduate programs at a National Portfolio Day or Open House.

Graduate programs

MFA in Design

MFA in Fine Arts

MFA in Theatre

MA in Art History

MAE in art education
PhD in education with a concentration in art education

Graduate funding

Applicants to all graduate programs are eligible and considered for graduate teaching and research assistantships that include tuition support (excluding fees) and a stipend, which may be renewed for the second year of study.

Students participating in professional workshops, conferences and symposia are encouraged to apply for Graduate Student Travel Grants, funded by the VCUarts dean’s office or Graduate Student Travel Grants offered by the Graduate School.

Second-year students engrossed in research for thesis exhibitions, thesis projects, qualifying papers, or scholarly theses or dissertations are encouraged to apply for VCUarts research grants; upcoming grant application deadlines are distributed to current students.