Posting Guidelines

This regulation establishes requirements for the display and/or posting of all items posted or affixed to the walls of VCU School of the Arts buildings. This includes but is not limited to posters, brochures, circulars, community newspapers, fliers, handouts, notices or signs.

Display and Posting of Information
The hallways and classrooms of VCU School of the Arts buildings are instructional spaces. Their primary function is to further the educational mission of VCU and VCUarts, and any materials posted outside of designated areas is subject to removal. Only VCUarts may post signs, posters, flyers or other materials throughout VCUarts buildings. In general, VCUarts displays only materials related to its own programs, services or events.

VCUarts recognizes the importance of providing an appropriate forum, or designated space, for the community to post flyers, posters, or opportunities. To this end, the School has provided bulletin boards for community postings in the following designated locations. VCUarts will not monitor the content of these boards, and will clear them of all materials on the last business day of each month and at the end of each semester.

Materials must be posted to the boards using push pins or staples. Materials posted using any other material, including tape, are subject to immediate removal.

Any materials displayed or posted in VCUarts buildings outside of the designated locations will be subject to immediate removal.

Public areas are monitored daily by building managers and staff members, any of whom will be authorized to remove improperly posted materials promptly.

Designated Community Posting locations: VCUarts Buildings

  • Pollak Building, 325 North Harrison Street — Yellow boards on each floor, to left of elevator
  • Depot, 814 W. Broad St. — Movable board on wheels, second floor
  • Depot Annex, 801 W. Marshall St. — Movable board on wheels
  • Singleton, 922 Park Ave. — To the left of the elevator on each floor
  • Franklin Terrace, 812-814 W. Franklin St. — Wall to the left and right of first-floor entrance
  • Bowe Street Parking Deck, 609 Bowe St. — Landing across from the elevator
  • DePillars Building at 1000 W. Broad St — Wall space near directory placard on second and third floors
  • Dance Center, 1315 Floyd Ave. — First-floor lobby area

VCU Policies
All persons and materials are subject to the terms of the VCU Reservation and Use of Space Policy.

Wesley Hester, Executive Director of Communications