Investigation NOW

Investigation NOW is a 6-week program encompassing a wide range of contemporary art concepts as well as a variety of artmaking techniques for 8th-10th grade students. Throughout these sessions, students are encouraged to consider how and why artists make work and to relate those ideas to their personal artistic processes.

Our theme for the Fall 2023 session is Speculative Games. We will discuss contemporary artists, game makers, and designers that inform our game play and making activities. Students will consider various games we play (tabletop, digital, physical, etc.) together through key concepts of Movement, Collaboration, Imagination, and Space/Place. Over the course of this workshop, students will gain a broader understanding of alternative game development and how their ideas can be used to create their own games.  

For the Fall 2023 session, Investigation NOW will take place weekly on Fridays from 5-8pm at the Mary and Frances Youth Center, 120 South Linden St. Richmond VA, 23284-3062.

The 2023 registration fee is $120*. We do offer need-based scholarships which can be applied for using this form.

Registration for the fall session (November 3 – Dec 15) is now OPEN and can be completed below.

Applications are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis until the session is full. The session size is 15 students. *Food and materials will be provided

Contact the program at