Craft/Material Studies

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Craft and Material Studies

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About the Program

Craft, at its core, is about understanding how to make things. Material Studies is about bringing an idea into the physical world through a deep understanding of materials and their potential. The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Craft and Material Studies enables you to become a well-rounded artist through a broad range of studio and academic coursework designed to foster technical fluency, critical studies, diverse thinking, and an understanding of craft and art in the 21st century. 

Our courses examine diverse materials and cultivate your personal curiosity. You will create work along a broad spectrum, from functional design to conceptual art, and refine your communication skills through writing, presenting and discussing your work. 

The five main areas of focus—glass, fiber, clay, metal and wood—incorporate contemporary modes of thinking and making with long-established techniques from all over the world. Students choose electives from an array of subjects including studio courses, environmental studies, art history and gender studies.

Some classes you might take in this major:

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Pattern Weaving
  • Craft and Digital Technology
  • Ceramics
  • Furniture Design
  • Hot Glass Fabrication

Our alumni are:

  • Textile, furniture and jewelry designers
  • Full-time studio artists
  • Professors
  • Gallery managers
  • Art administrators

art foundation

The Art Foundation program (AFO) is the required first year for all undergraduate programs in the visual art and design departments. It provides you with an intellectually rigorous, studio-based experience in the fundamental issues of art and design. AFO is designed to help you foster an enthusiasm for your work and the means to reflect analytically and critically. Completion of the Art Foundation Program is a prerequisite for entry into all visual arts and design departments: Art Education, Communication Arts, Craft/Material Studies, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Kinetic Imaging, Painting + Printmaking, Photography + Film, and Sculpture + Extended Media.

More about AFO