Resources for Faculty

Department Jobs

We are always happy to complete jobs for faculty. You can follow the instructions for submitting a job under the Print Ready Policies. If you are looking to pay for a job with department or grant funds, please specify in your email which department or event the job is for, and C.C. your financial administrator.

We offer trimming for faculty and staff jobs, please just let us know you would like these services. Trimming will be a $5-10 up charge.

Class print jobs

Sometimes, a project you assign for a class may call for a specific, unified output. We’ve worked with professors before to organize a google drive folder where, for example, each student uploaded their own PDF to be laser printed on 12×18 80lb paper. If you have a situation where you are looking to get your class output all in the same size, paper type, number of copies, it might be a good idea to set up a similar system.

First, work with Production Manager Cassie Grace in order to decide when the files should be submitted in order to have a turnaround that fits with you class schedule. Then the parameters of the project should be outlined. What kind of paper are your students using? What size will each file be, will trim marks or bleed marks already be included? Once the details of the project are understood and the submission date is set, the CPB will print your student’s files all at once and create individual invoices for each student to pay when they come to pick up.

This is by no means required from professors, but can be helpful especially if your class is working with a tight timeline, or you wish to assist your class with the job submission process. For inquiries please email Cassie at


We encourage faculty to work a class tour into your syllabus and set up the exact day/time at the beginning of the semester.

Our tours will be often be hosted by a Studio Assistant or the Production Manager, and can be customized to a specific topic or process. It can also be a simple overview of all our services. It really is up to you! After the tour, we will be on hand to answer any questions from students and discuss a specific topic or process if needed.

When looking to schedule a tour, please reach out to us at

Demos and Equipment Usage

Sometimes it’s great to have a hands-on demonstration of how to do a technique. We can offer full class demos of all equipment by appointment. It is best to conduct these in smaller groups to ensure everyone can see, so large classes should be prepared to break up. We recommend groups of six or less.

In some cases, we can come to you. Topics like file prep, vinyl taping, trimming prints. Our Production Manager, Cassie Grace, is always open to new ideas and collaborations.  

Online Tutorials

At any time, you can show your students how to use some of our equipment. We have a few tutorial videos available for our community, and more are in the making.