Senior Shows

This page is dedicated to the Department of Kinetic Imaging seniors and the projects they create during their last year of study through KINE 402: Senior Research and KINE 403: Senior Studio. Both courses offer students a supportive environment for the critical analysis and development of a culminating project, with emphasis on research, experimentation and conceptual development (Senior Research) and implementation, execution and presentation (Senior Studio). Projects are independently driven; each student has full control over both subject matter and medium (video, animation, sound, performance, installation, video game, etc.), and the project may be one central work or a series of small works along a common theme. Students are expected to publicly exhibit their senior projects, in one form or another, typically as part of the BFA Capstone Exhibitions at the Anderson in March, the KI Senior Screening at the end of April, on the KI Senior Show webpage, or through another public outlet that best represents the work.

On this page you will find links to archived senior shows of years past and to the current senior show that is on view.


View the most recent Senior Capstone Exhibition.


View the archive of the 2022 Senior Capstone Exhibition.

senior capstone exhibition


View the archive of the 2021 Senior Capstone Exhibition.

crown shy and perennial roots


View the archive from Crown Shy & Perennial Roots.