Kinetic Imaging Exhibition 2020

Perennial Roots is a Kinetic Imaging exhibition, featuring 8 installations and 7 web-based projects. The work in this exhibition displays a breadth of media and techniques, including comic art, animation, video, sound, 3D computer graphics, gaming, and viewer interactivity. And exhibiting these projects in a virtual space provides the artists involved with the opportunity to go beyond physical limitations.

Once inside the gallery lobby, the Kinetic Imaging exhibition
“Perennial Roots” is located in the first gallery on the right.
Enter the KI building through the sculpture garden.

More about the participating artists:

Michelle Dominado

Michelle Erin Dominado was born in 1997 in Yokosuka, Japan. She received her BFA in Kinetic Imaging at Virginia Commonwealth University in May 2020. Her creative work revolves around beauty in nature, organic shapes and spaces, and soft storytelling with textural sensitivity. In 2019, Michelle was a recipient of the VMFA Fellowship Award for Film/Video for her stop motion and sand animation work and was awarded the Kinetic Imaging Award of Excellence. This year, she will be a student volunteer for SIGGRAPH virtual conference in Washington D.C. Michelle currently resides in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Ryan Dorsey

Ryan Dorsey is a video artist and illustrator from Richmond Virginia, with a BFA from the Kinetic Imaging program at Virginia Commonwealth University. He specializes in forms of 2D and 3D animation, illustration, and character-based video. His work uses surrealist-inspired imagery to convey the absurdities that exist within the mundane cycles of daily urban life, as well as exaggerations of characters that reflect social views within these city environments. 

Lydia Gyurina

Lydia Gyurina earned a B.F.A. in Kinetic Imaging, with a minor in Creative Writing from Virginia Commonwealth University (Honors College) in 2020. Her moving image and performance work deals with themes of awkwardness, disengagement, and the inherent narcissism of self-exploration. Her work has been shown at the Anderson Gallery, Sediment Varve, and the Crenshaw House in Richmond, VA, as well as at the Moving Silently exhibition in Vallejo, CA. She is currently seeking work in documentary filmmaking, post-production, animation, or library & museum studies, and plans to continue her practice as an artist and poet.

Arden Hájaligholi

Arden Hajaligholi is an Iranian-American artist born in Washington D.C and raised in Northern Virginia. She currently resides in Richmond, Virginia, and is pursuing a degree in Kinetic Imaging at Virginia Commonwealth University. Arden’s works utilize subversive colors and intricate linework within her video art and illustrations, respectively. Her aesthetic is a fusion of ancient inspirations such as Eastern inkwork to the calligraphy of her Persian heritage, to modern themes such as cyberpunk and gothic horror. Her most recent work, titled ​i-Hide, ​is a faux infomercial inspired by the age of Anthropocene and mass surveillance. This winter, Arden will complete her degree and plans on pursuing a career in digital art alongside video editing, animation, and illustration. 

Alexis Hilliard-Worth

Alexis Hilliard-Worth currently lives in Virginia, working between Richmond and Suffolk. In 2020, she received her BFA in Kinetic Imaging at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her focus is in 3D art and game development. This year, Alexis has interned as a 3D artist at Rendersphere LLC. She plans to continue growing as a 3D artist and work on developing her own games using the skills she has gained through her experiences at VCU. Jonquil is a game Alexis has been developing for the past three years and the prequel, seen in the Crown Shy & Perennial Roots exhibition is just the beginning of a larger project. 

Irene Piazza

Based in Florence, Italy, and Richmond, VA, Irene Piazza is an Italian media artist and creative coder. Her artistic practice ranges from motion graphics and digital animation to video, sound production, and mixed-media performances. Piazza received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Kinetic Imaging with a minor in Art History at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her work has been included in multiple galleries and performing spaces, such as The Anderson, Sediment Varve, Crenshaw House, Circle Thrift and Art Space, and the Eulerroom Equinox 2020, a worldwide Live Coding Algorave streaming. Irene’s work involves nature and its relationship to humans. She also enjoys questioning the limits of her own self, and how, in the digital era, her body is just a physical extension of an infinite layer of personas. 

Adinah Price 

Adinah Price is a video artist and live coder based out of Richmond VA, with a BFA from Kinetic Imaging at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her main practices include projection mapping, sculptural installations, 3D modeling, and animation. Her work uses specific color palettes and textures to create surreal otherworldly environments. 

Tony Swenson

Tony Swenson was born in The United States and currently lives and works in Richmond, Virginia. In 2020, Swenson graduated with a BFA in Kinetic Imaging & Sound from Virginia Commonwealth University. He has interned at Sediments Arts, a non-profit gallery in Richmond, VA. Swenson was a semi-finalist for the animated short film Factory in A Rebel Minded Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY. From 2018 – 2020, Swenson acquired vast technical experience in digital fabrication, audio engineering, and A/V operation from a customer-service and creative- assistance position in the Innovative Media Department at VCU.