craft woodworking

The Studio Furniture/Wood Program emphasizes woodworking techniques geared toward furniture design and construction. The program is based on the idea that a student’s future success is dependent on creative excellence, strong technical skills and a solid basic liberal arts education


While the core of the curriculum is based on traditional woodworking, it also emphasizes experimentation and the development of ideas that parallel current issues in art and design. Furniture design is the primary focus for the program; however alternative approaches to the medium are encouraged. The Department of Craft’s emphasis upon the five media, along with the nearby location of sculpture facilities allows for a complete experimentation with non-conventional materials for furniture design such as cast and blown glass, concrete, and steel.


The MFA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Wood program entails two years of intensive studio work. Graduate students are expected to demonstrate a serious dedication to their work and to the development of mature ideas and forms of expression. 


The Studio Furniture/Wood Program occupies approximately 7000 sq.ft. and consists of a large bench room with a general class bench area plus 27 individual Ulmia benches.

There are adjacent glue-up and sharpening areas, drawing easels, and a tool room stocked with a variety of portable powertools and handtools. A separate room houses vacuum forming and steam bending equipment and a Bridgeport metal lathe; while another, a finish area complete with spray booth.

The newly equipped machine room includes:

  • 10″ Powermatic tablesaw
  • 10″ Delta tablesaw
  • 24″ Powermatic bandsaw
  • 14″ Powermatic bandsaw
  • 24″ Powermatic planer
  • 18″ Powermatic planer
  • 12″ Bridgewood Jointer
  • Frommia horizontal mortiser
  • CMT horizontal mortiser
  • Two One-Way lathes
  • 56″ Crouch edge sander
  • 20″ Jet disk sander
  • Boise-Crane spindle sander
  • Sand-Rite pneumatic drum sander
  • Safety cut panel saw
  • Router table
  • 30″ Excaliber scroll saw