Submit a Faculty and Staff Award Nomination

Academic year 2021-22

Nominations are now open for the 2021-22 School of the Arts Distinguished Faculty + Staff Awards.

We invite each academic unit to reflect on experiences and efforts of the past academic year and to nominate faculty and staff members who merit recognition for their accomplishments in the areas of teaching, research, and service. Internal nomination procedures for any of the awards may be determined by the individual units. Selection of award winners will be made by the Faculty Advisory Committee in the School of the Arts. That committee will select recipients only if a candidate befitting the award’s purpose is nominated; conversely, it is possible that more than one faculty member may be honored in the same year.

The deadline for nomination submissions is March 24, 5 pm.

Award Descriptions

Submit a nomination

Each academic unit is strongly encouraged to nominate at least one faculty and one staff member for each award.

For all nominations, please provide the following:

  1. A nomination letter delineating the nominee’s merits in terms of the particular award for which they are a candidate.
  2. For a faculty award: the candidate’s curriculum vitae; For a staff award: a letter from a key member of the academic unit.
  3. A brief statement of the candidate’s willingness to be nominated.

Nominations for the 2021-2022 academic year should be submitted by Friday, March 24, 5 pm.

The time period for accepting responses on this form has passed.