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Vocal Ensemble Audition Info

For the Fall 2021 semester, all four vocal ensembles are planning to meet in person. If you need special accommodations for alternative participation, please contact Erin Freeman, Director of Choral Activities, at

Audition Information

  • Choral Arts Society does not require an audition.
  • Auditions are required for Commonwealth Singers and Vox Concordia.
  • Admittance to Vocal Chamber Ensemble will be arranged individually with Dr. Freeman and will require an additional audition.

Please contact Erin Freeman, Director of Choral Activities, with any questions:


Auditions will occur before classes begin.  There will be two rounds.  Everyone interested in Commonwealth Singers, Vox Concordia, and Vocal Chamber must participate in both rounds even if you have been in one of our ensembles before.

FIRST ROUND: Monday, August 23 & Tuesday, August 24.

  • Sign up for a 30 minute audition slot on one of the following days/times:
    • Monday, August 23 from 10am-3pm
    • Tuesday, August 24 from 2pm-4:30pm
  • Auditions will take place in the Recital Hall of the James Black Music Center
  • Bring a copy of your music and be prepared to audition in a mask if necessary.

For those who need it, there will be a video option available for this round. Please contact Erin Freeman, if you require this option.

  • Requirements:
    • Sing the melody of Deep River in one of multiple keys. Music is available below.
    • Sing a prepared solfege (Do, Re, Mi) exercise. Music is available below.
    • Learn and read a rhythm that we give you at the audition (you will have time to practice it)
    • Some basic vocalizing, so we can hear your range.

After the FIRST ROUND, we will recommend singers to audition for a specific ensemble in a SECOND ROUND.

SECOND ROUND: Wednesday, August 25 (for Commonwealth Singers) & Thursday, August 26 (for Vox Concordia and Vocal Chamber Ensemble)

You must be present at the SECOND ROUND to complete the audition process.

  • With the full group, sight-read a selection piece as you would in rehearsal (you will NOT be asked to sight-read this by yourself in front of people.)


We advise that interested students register for any choral ensemble to receive communications through Canvas and/or your VCU email regarding excerpts and signups. Once you are placed in an ensemble, we will help you change your registration if needed. If you are unable to register by the time of the audition, simply check this page for information. You do not need to be registered to audition, although you will need to enroll once your choral assignment has been decided.


FIRST ROUND – General Call Auditions:

SECOND ROUND – Call-Back Auditions :

(you must have participated in General Call auditions first)

Please print or to a tablet (phone not acceptable):


  • Deep River (For FIRST ROUND)

o   F Major (High Key – Range low C-high A)

o   D Major (Medium Key – Range low A-high F#)

o   C Major (Lower Key – Range low G-high E)