AMPT Certificate

Certificate in Advanced Media Production Technology (Post-baccalaureate undergraduate certificate)

students working in sound lab

About the Program

The Certificate in Advanced Media Production Technology is designed to connect graduates with employment opportunities in the expansive field of digital media production.

In this hands-on, project-based program, you will bring disciplined craftsmanship together with innovative technology to define and drive dialogue on the future of sound, sight and motion design. Students are encouraged to approach the development of digital media with a cross-disciplinary, entrepreneurial spirit and to apply information and communications technology in novel ways.

If you plan to enter new media industries, such as gaming or post-production, you must master the specific artistic demands and technologies of the trade and this program is designed to give you the training and exposure you need. 

Students must also have an understanding and a reasonable amount of experience with a wide variety of disciplines including, script and story development, digital video camera and acquisition technology, audio production, audio postproduction, video editing, digital photography, 2D animation, 3D animation, compositing and basic live film production. You will also concentrate in one of three professional areas: audio production, digital cinema production or post-production.

student working on sound project