2021 KI Senior Show Exhibition

The work in the following three exhibitions displays a breadth of media and techniques, including physical objects/devices, video, animation, sound, a single user game, and installation with styles ranging from documentary to abstract and experimental.

BFA Capstone Exhibition, Round I – March 18-22 2021 at the Anderson, featuring work by Ian Donegan

BFA Capstone Exhibition, Round II – March 26-30 2021 at the Anderson, featuring work by Sabrina Carrier, Faith Faulkner, Hannah Meyer, and Amanda Miller

Calm Equilibrium (outdoor installation) – April 22-24 2021 (7-10pm daily) at Moore’s Auto Body & Paint Inc. (401 W Broad St), featuring work by Cate Duckwall

Participating Artists

Sabrina Carrier

Sabrina Carrier is an experimental artist from New Jersey. Her work revolves around innovation and pushing the boundaries of what multimedia art can be. Her fascination with music at an early age is what inspires her techniques in experimental sound. More specifically, she deconstructs music and composes it into something entirely different and abstract. She plans on working in the sound design and audio engineering field once she graduates in may 2021 with a BFA in Kinetic Imaging. 

Ian Donegan

Ian Donegan is a multimedia artist based in Richmond, Virginia. Born in Flagstaff, Arizona in 1998 and raised in rural Virginia, his work combines animation, painting, collage, and video to explore humans’ relationship with nature from evolutionary and spiritual perspectives. Uncovering harmonies between the internal world of the mind and the external world of matter, he works with themes of illusion, projection, and consciousness. He will graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University in May 2021 with a BFA in Kinetic Imaging.

Cate Duckwall

Cate Duckwall (b. 2000) captures the essence of moments that tend to go unnoticed and attempts to give them a platform among the chaos that is constantly occurring in the world. Born in Roanoke, Virginia, she has integrated her photography skills and unique design practices to create strong imagery while maintaining a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Her work is generally experimental in which she combines different mediums in distinct ways to support her interest in video, animation, and other emerging media. Cate is set to graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts with a BFA in Kinetic Imaging in December of 2021.

Faith Faulkner

Faith Faulkner was born in 1998 in Chesterfield, Virginia. Is graduating with a BFA in Kinetic Imaging from VCU Arts this spring. Works with 2D&3D animation, graphic design, film/editing, and motion graphics. Plans on taking these abilities into freelance and helping small businesses & streamers grow their platforms.

Hannah Meyer

Hannah Meyer is a multimedia animator and videographer with a passion for storytelling. Born in Johnson City, Tennessee in 1999, and raised in rural Virginia, her love of weaving compelling narratives and characters began at a very young age and continues to this day. Her recent work has been influenced heavily by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as well as themes of forgotten history, the environment, and the self. Hannah will be graduating in May 2021 with a BFA in Kinetic Imaging and a minor in Art History.

Amanda Miller

Amanda Miller was born in 1999 and raised in Springfield, Virginia. She is set to graduate in May of 2021 with a BFA in Kinetic Imaging from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts with a focus in 3D modeling/animation and game design. She uses her skills in worldbuilding to create simulated environments that inspire introspection and appreciation for both virtual and real life. She plans on working as an independent or freelance game developer after graduation.