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Bachelor of Arts in Art History

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About the Program

Art history majors pragmatically prepare for careers as they satisfy their intellectually curiosity. While completing their degrees, they refine highly transferable writing, research and communication skills. They study a foreign language, and they pursue professional work experiences. At the same time, they study ways in which artworks embody all sorts of human values—historical, cultural, aesthetic political and spiritual.

Studying art history fosters a particular kind of critical engagement with the world, prompting us to consider relevance of the past to current issues, debates, and social practices.

4+1 Degree: Accelerated B.A. and M.A.

The accelerated B.A. and M.A. program allows academically talented students to earn both the B.A. and M.A. in Art History in a minimum of five years by completing approved graduate courses during the senior year of their undergraduate program.

Accelerated Degree Requirements

Required courses for art history majors

There are three required classes open only to art history majors

  • Writing for Art History focuses on writing assignments that emphasize argumentation, creativity and research, writing for a specific audience, responsible use of sources, paragraph and sentence mechanics, and developing an individual voice as an author.
  • Art History Research Methods concentrates on critical thinking, research methods and writing skills specific to art history through several short written assignments and a final extended written project.
  • Senior Seminar emphasizes small group discussion of a specific topic, artist, movement or style as students produce an extended research project.

In addition to these required classes, art history majors complete at least eleven art history courses, some of which focus on a specific time period, place or medium. Others are organized thematically to explore specific ideas, themes, or aspects of human life. And some focus on museum history and professions.

The program of study also includes foreign language and humanities requirements, options for taking studio art, and open electives that allow for art history majors to complete a second major or a minor without extending the time it takes to complete the degree.

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