The facilities for the department of Painting + Printmaking are large, well lit and offer a wide range of opportunities for both classroom based and independent work. In addition to classrooms and studios for seniors and graduate students, there are three critique spaces that can also be used for site specific installations or lectures. There are also storage facilities for artworks for both undergraduate and graduate students.

– Our etching studio is equipped with 3 Takach presses and 3 Charles Brand presses. The largest press bed is 36 x 60″.

– Our lithography studio is also equipped 3 Takach presses and 3 Charles Brand presses. The largest press bed is 33.5 x 57.5″. We have a very large stone collection, our largest stone in the library measures 27.75 x 40″.

– Our screen print studio is equipped with a NuArc Exposure Flip-top Unit that can handle screens up to 3 x 4′. We also have Vacuum printing tables for paper/poster printing that are 33 x 48″ & 40 x 56″.