VCUarts students are assigned an advisor who can help them with plan, implement and achieve their academic goals. You should meet with your academic advisor at least once per semester to ensure that you are on track to meet all of your goals.


Academic Resources

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Advising for First-Year and Transfer Students in Art Foundation (Visual Arts and Design)

Students can identify their advisor and make advising appointments through Navigate.

Academic AdvisorContact

Advising for First-Year Students Majoring in Art History, Cinema, and Fashion Merchandising

First Year MajorAcademic AdvisorContact
Art History, Cinema, and Fashion Merchandising majorsDarby

Advising for First-Year Students Majoring in Dance, Music, and Theatre

First Year MajorAcademic AdvisorContact
Dance, Music, and TheatreKent

Advising for Second-Year Students and Beyond

MajorAcademic AdvisorContact
Art EducationChristine Hoffman, Academic
Art HistoryChris Jordan, Academic
CinemaMartha Harper, Academic
Communication ArtsClaire Zitzow, Academic Advisor
Brad Birchett, Academic Advisor
Craft/Material StudiesChris Jordan, Academic
Dance + ChoreographyJanel Miley, Academic
Fashion Design + MerchandisingTeDarryl Perry, Academic
Graphic DesignSarah Briland, Academic
Interior DesignSarah Briland, Academic
Kinetic ImagingClaire Zitzow, Academic
MusicChristine Hoffman, Academic
Painting + PrintmakingChris Jordan, Academic
Photo + FilmMartha Harper, Academic
SculptureChris Jordan, Academic
TheatreJanel Miley, Academic Advisor & Assistant