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Sculpture MFA

Master of Fine Arts in Fine Arts with a concentration in sculpture

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sculpture exhibition

About the Program

Led by an active and accomplished group of working artists, the Master of Fine Arts in Fine Arts with a concentration in sculpture promotes a fluid, liberated, experimental and progressive exploration of the transformative role of art. We rigorously engage the burgeoning philosophical, critical and technical conditions that shape artmaking today. Our mission is to continually develop a rigorous yet supportive environment that leads to the expansive growth of individual artists.

The Department of Sculpture and Extended Media welcomes a broad range of approaches, including spatial-, object- and material-based practices; performance, film and lens-based media; and social, relational, web-based and evolving technologies. Moreover, within VCUarts and the art community at large, you will test the limits of objects, images and actions, acting as a speculative laboratory that branches into science, philosophy, anthropology, ecology, ethnology, media studies, history and other practices.

VCUarts is a place that legitimizes and fosters restless becoming, where intellectual, emotional, and physical emancipation is as crucial for the individual as it is for the community. It is a place of ongoing transformation and reconstruction, actively formed and rebuilt by those who join us. In this state everything becomes both beautifully unknown and potentially knowable.

sculpture exhibit