Creative Print Bureau (CPB)

On-campus print and creative services bureau dedicated to educating and assisting our students, faculty and staff in their print production journeys.

A photograph of our 44-inch inkjet printer, printing a glossy poster. The poster has the handwritten words "Creative Print Bureau" wrapped around a stone picnic table.

Office Details:

Pollak Building
Room 219
325 N. Harrison Street
Richmond, VA 23284

We are open for print jobs over the summer. You will receive a response within 1-2 business days confirming your job and a turnaround time.

Invoice sent to VCU email, paid
digitally using a debit or credit card.

a graphic with the Creative Print Bureau's open hours for the month of June, 2023. 
We will be open June 21/22 from 11 A M  until 3:30 P M and again June 28/29 11 A M until 3:30 P M.

About us

The Creative Print Bureau (CPB) is a staff and student-operated lab that provides printing services and educational opportunities to all VCU students, staff and alumni. 

Located in room 219 of the Pollak Building on VCU’s campus, we provide exemplary, accessible services with specializations in large-format and book printing. We prioritize craftsmanship and encourage hands-on learning by offering production technique demos, self-service machines and workshops. We work diligently to keep our production costs low so that we can offer you the most cost efficient printing services. 

Have a creative idea but not sure how to produce it? You can always stop by during open hours to talk with a Studio Assistant.  Please keep in mind when printing with us, you must have a valid VCU email for us to send your payment.

The efficiency of this lab is thanks to our amazing Studio Assistants who help customers and do print production at the CPB. Our Studio Assistants are here to answer questions, look over your print files, complete print jobs and help you use our self-service stations.

Production is guided by Cassie Grace, a 2021 graduate of the VCUarts School of Graphic Design, who works to expand our services and program hands-on learning opportunities. 

Production Manager – Cassie Grace
pronouns: she/they

Keep up with us on social media! We post updates on hours, workshops and events, turnaround time influxes. You can find us on instagram @printbureau_vcu

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