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Our Mission

The Department of Kinetic Imaging offers BFA and MFA degrees to students pursuing video, animation, sound, emerging media and the many hybrids and extensions of those areas. All students in the BFA program get a solid foundation in video, sound, and animation production. The curriculum allows flexibility, enabling students to focus on an area or to create a cross-disciplinary art practice. Student outcomes include: making art and media work that is meaningful, making meaningful analysis and evaluation, attaining high level of electronic and digital media technical skills, and professional preparation.

Your gift to the VCUarts Department of Kinetic Imaging helps provide scholarships for our talented students, promote faculty research and host world-class artists.

Department Faculty

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Degree Programs

Students learn how to use video, animation and sound for the purpose of art-making, self-expression and experimentation.

Master of Fine Arts in Fine Arts with a concentration in kinetic imaging

The Master of Fine Arts in Fine Arts with a concentration in kinetic imaging expands the field of video art, experimental animation, sound art and emerging media through the production of works of art that explore the artist’s relationship to culture and society.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Kinetic Imaging

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Kinetic Imaging courses cover video art, animation, sound design, emerging media and the many combinations and extensions of these areas. It is a highly flexible major, offering the opportunity to build a more individualized study that includes other studio and intellectual interests.

Sound Design Minor - Kinetic Imaging

Minor in Sound Design

The minor in Sound Design is a collaboration between the Department of Kinetic Imaging and the Department of Theatre, and includes relevant elective options from majors across the School of the Arts. Students combine technical and conceptual approaches to sound design for audio-visual works, such as video, film, animation, stage, and more.

Student Experience

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Visiting Artists

The Department of Kinetic Imaging invites a wide range of visiting artists to come to VCU. These artists conduct lectures, workshops, performances and more.

Student Resources

Browse student resources and policies including Kinetic Imaging computer requirements or forms to reserve rooms and equipment.

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