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Minor in sound design

minor in sound design - kinetic imaging

About the Program

The minor in Sound Design is a collaboration between the Department of Kinetic Imaging and the Department of Theatre, and includes relevant elective options from majors across the School of the Arts.

The minor in Sound Design is for students who seek to combine technical and conceptual approaches to sound design for audio-visual works, such as video, film, animation, stage, and more. Students can expect to gain a basic understanding of sound technology and a historical background on the creative approaches to sound design. And with a broad list of relevant elective options, students are given the opportunity to experiment creatively with sound, based on their own individual interests within sound design as a field of study.

A minor in Sound Design consists of 18 credits:

  • THEA 333 Sound Technology (required course, 3 credits)
  • KINE 346 Survey of Sound Design (required course, 3 credits)
  • Select 12 credits from the list of elective options, which includes a variety of relevant classes from across the School of the Arts

If a student takes 1-2 classes per semester, this minor can be completed in 1.5 – 3 academic years. Open to all VCU students! Acceptance is based on the review of the VCU Change of Major or Minor Application and a personal statement.

Please take note of deadlines on the application page and for questions, please email us at

Applications are accepted, beginning one month before the deadline and only through the end of the day of the deadline (November 1, April 1)

Sound Design Minor - Kinetic Imaging