About Us

kinetic imaging students with projector

Kinetic Imaging is a program dedicated to video, animation, sound, emerging art and the many hybrids and extensions of those areas.

Historical and contemporary definitions of these media are reexamined in the context of ever-evolving media theory and technological possibilities. Students engage in multiple modes of expression with an emphasis on empowering their unique, artistic voice. Student work may include abstract, narrative, documentary, and the poetical. Tools of choice range from low-tech explorations to hi-tech. Media used encompass a broad range including 3D computer graphics, hand-drawn imagery, interactive environments, sound recording and composition, and hi-def video.

Students develop the technical skills required for professional work in a variety of media industries, but more importantly learn critical thinking and observation, creative self-expression, and the application and significance of media being defined in the digital age.

The Kinetic Imaging faculty members are professional, internationally recognized artists who are actively engaged in their work and the ongoing critical discussions in their fields.

Students will:

  • Engage in critical thinking as an active part of the studio practice
  • Learn interactive art practices, new media art forms and the humanization of technology
  • Become socially engaged, understanding the role and impact of media in society and culture
  • Learn the history of these media forms to inform the present
  • Explore the potential of kinetic media to engage in its ongoing trajectory

Emphasis area electives includes courses such as Web Technologies for Media Artists, Virtual Interactive Worlds and Socially Engaged Media.