Center for the Creative Economy

Promoting the creative economy at VCUarts.

The VCUarts Center for the Creative Economy promotes the creative economy as a post-disciplinary, collaborative force that disrupts status quo in order to drive innovation and new business models around the world.

The center operates three programs of study, each providing an experiential learning environment that expands the scope of any specific creative discipline. Collectively, the center and its programs provide students opportunities to:

  • collaborate with one another and learn from diverse disciplines, experiences and perspectives
  • navigate their education in an entrepreneurial way
  • translate their entrepreneurial mindset to a new world of work, where they can apply their talents, skills and passions in unexpected places

The Entrepreneurship Program consists of four courses that provide the groundwork for the practice of entrepreneurship, emphasizing creative and design methodologies.

The CoLab is a post-disciplinary internship program that provides students with opportunities in hands-on, innovative problem-solving.

Advanced Media Production Technology
The AMPT certificate is a hands-on, project-based program that brings disciplined craftsmanship together with innovative technology to help students define and drive dialogue on the future of sound, sight and motion design.