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Sculpture + Extended Media is a place that legitimizes and fosters restless becoming, where intellectual, emotional, and physical emancipation is as crucial for the individual as it is for the community. We rigorously engage the burgeoning philosophical, critical and technical conditions that shape art making today. Our mission is to continually develop a rigorous yet supportive environment that leads to the expansive growth of individual artists.

The Sculpture Department welcomes a broad range of approaches: from spatial-, object- and material-based practices; to performance, film and lens-based media; from social and relational to web-based and evolving technologies. Moreover, within the School of Arts and art community at large, Sculpture + Extended Media tests the limits of objects, images and actions, acting as a speculative laboratory that branches into science, philosophy, anthropology, ecology, ethnology, media studies, history and other practices.

Your gift to the VCUarts Department of Sculpture + Extended Media helps provide scholarships for our talented students, promote faculty research and host world-class artists.

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The Department of Sculpture + Extended Media offers an MFA, BFA and a minor.

Sculpture + Extended Media alum, Nima Jeizan (BFA ’18), in his studio

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture attracts challenging, talented and curious students who thirst for exploring the edges of today’s art world.

A graduate student and faculty are standing in a semi circle in a room with the student's artwork work. All faculty are looking at the student as they talk. The floor of the room is completely covered in dry red clay other than a wet spot by the student artist. Above the wet spot is a ceramic jug within a woven bag hanging from the ceiling. There are two other ceramic jugs in bags hanging from the opposite of the room from the graduate student.

Master of Fine Arts in Fine Arts with a Concentration in Sculpture

Led by an active and accomplished group of working artists, the Master of Fine Arts in Fine Arts with a concentration in sculpture promotes a fluid, liberated, experimental and progressive exploration of the transformative role of art.

student examining sculpture installation

Minor in Sculpture

The minor in sculpture allows students from outside of the program to enrich their degrees with rigorous and engaging coursework in Sculpture + Extended Media.

Visiting Artists

Each year Sculpture + Extended Media invites a diverse and intergenerational group of 8–12 artists, critics, curators, philosophers and thinkers to visit and spend time with us.


Curious is a biennial publication created by students in the Graduate Seminar of the MFA program.

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Student Resources

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