Lydia Gyurina


Narcissus in a puddle too muddy 
to see the pebbles/rocks/reality
sunken in the concrete sidewalk;
face hidden by sunglasses and a
yellow paper mask – it’s not yet
safe to bare yourself.

My body/self/soul was lost in a flood –
flooding of a village by an angry god
with a broken washing machine.
No casualties but inconsequential 
losses – can’t remember when I
last ate an apple.

Unobserved cats in cardboard boxes
shrink with fear from a toddler/
child/spirit with a big stick,
parents away on summer vacation,
babysitter doing laundry.

Am I striking?
I ask the man I’ve commissioned
to paint my dog’s portrait.

Please look up the definition of ‘obfuscation’ for me.

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Lydia Gyurina

Lydia Gyurina earned a B.F.A. in Kinetic Imaging, with a minor in Creative Writing from Virginia Commonwealth University (Honors College) in 2020. Her moving image and performance work deals with themes of awkwardness, disengagement, and the inherent narcissism of self-exploration. Her work has been shown at the Anderson Gallery, Sediment Varve, and the Crenshaw House in Richmond, VA, as well as at the Moving Silently exhibition in Vallejo, CA. She is currently seeking work in documentary filmmaking, post-production, animation, or library & museum studies, and plans to continue her practice as an artist and poet.