Adjunct Faculty Grant Application for Research/Creative Work and Professional Development

  • VCUarts provides financial support for adjunct faculty research, creative/scholarly work and professional development. Adjunct-faculty funding requests are held to standards comparable to full- time faculty. Funding of $15,000 is available during both the fall and spring semesters, a total of $30,000 annually. This year, instead of a rolling deadline, proposals will be accepted and reviewed at four different times throughout the year. These deadline dates are: October 15, and November 19, 2021; and February 18, and March 25, 2022.

    Eligibility: Adjunct faculty must be currently employed in the School of the Arts during the time of the request and performing satisfactorily. Adjunct faculty must be on contract with VCU during the semester of the request. Funded projects may take place within an additional semester of the request, regardless of contract status, and should be completed within this timeframe. Preference will be given to significance of the proposal to the school, university and arts community. Proposals can be funded up to $1,000.

    Applications will be reviewed by the Office of Research, and recommendations will be forwarded to the Dean. Please contact Tracy Leipold at with questions, or if you would like confirmation that your application has been received.

    The application period for 2021-22 has passed.
  • Description of Activity: Describe the proposed activity including your proposal’s contribution to your career trajectory, the School of the Arts, university and/or contribution to the arts community.
  • Examples: performance or exhibition; books related to research; shipping costs; printing; attending a residency; workshop/training, etc. Please be as specific as possible, and provide reasonable estimates of cost where appropriate. Example: I am requesting funding for the following: X - $100, Y - $250 and Z - $325, for a total request of $675. Note: Due to COVID-19 some University-sponsored travel restrictions remain in place. Please refer to the following URL for guidance before including travel expenses in your request.