Work on a team and defeat ambiguity with innovation.

student presenting in CoLab classroom

The VCUarts CoLaboratory (CoLab) is a post-disciplinary, variable-credit, internship program that provides students with opportunities in hands-on, innovative problem-solving.

Students develop career skills and create value in existing organizations and professions through the completion of research-intensive, industry-focused projects. Emphasis is on the collaborative development and commercial application of products that focus on emerging technologies.


A typical CoLab project:

  • originates as a research concept within the university or from industry affiliates.
  • places aspects of art and design at the core, yet does not fit neatly within any single discipline.
  • develops around an emerging technology.
  • targets potential industry sponsorship and/or commercialization.


ARTS 393 CoLab Internship
1–6 credits. (40 work hours per credit.). May be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits. Internship and project details are determined by supervising professor(s) and project advisor(s).

Learning Outcomes
Students participating in the CoLab internship program will develop the ability to:

  • utilize research and problem-framing methods and techniques.
  • develop and evaluate a project definition, justification, goals and outcomes.
  • employ skills and problem-solving techniques that focus on emerging technologies.
  • prioritize activities and set deadlines.
  • utilize methods for individual and team organization of decision-making and tasks.
  • develop visual and verbal documentation and presentation of concepts, process and conclusions.
  • communicate effectively to a wide range of project participants in the university and industry.