Art Education

Master of Art Education

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About the Program

The Master of Art Education degree offers two areas of focus. The first is designed for teachers who are already licensed and who wish to deepen their understanding of Art Education (MAE). The second includes a licensure component and is designed for students who hold a B.A., B.F.A., or related degree and who wish to earn both a master’s degree in art education and a teaching license at the same time (MAE + Licensure).

The program includes required and elective courses and, through graduate coursework, allows students to pursue their areas of interest. All students are expected to work at a high level of independence, be self-motivated, respect peers and instructors, and participate in the opportunities offered by the Department of Art Education, the School of the Arts, and VCU.

Critically reflective practice linked with grounded and theoretical research about art teaching and learning, focusing on social responsibility, frames the degree program. Situated in a city with a plethora of art resources, the graduate student experience at VCU is particularly rich and full of possibility. Areas of emphasis within the department include service-learning, museum education, technology, curriculum, critical thinking, feminism, assessment, aesthetics, program evaluation, gaming, culturally relevant pedagogy, and urban education. The department emphasizes research and experiences in school, museum, and community settings.