BFA in Theatre

The department offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre with an emphasis in performance, area of design and technical theatre or stage management. In these pre-professional training programs, all aspects of theatre including the art, craft, and business are examined. The curricula are designed to immerse the student in the practicalities and realities of professional theatre. The performer works daily with voice, body and imagination, while the designers, technicians and stage managers learn the art and tools of the trade in studio classes and in practical application while challenging their creativity and critical thinking.

If an incoming student is interested in the BFA program, they apply to Theatre Foundations in a specific track (Performance, Musical Theatre, Costume, Scenic, Lighting, Stage Management). After successfully completing their second year in the program, all students must undergo an assessment with faculty to be admitted into the BFA program in their concentration of choice. Performance students undergo an assessment audition, design/technical production students (costume, scenic, lighting) undergo an assessment portfolio review, and stage management students undergo an assessment production book/notes review.