Kinetic Imaging Screening 2020

Crown Shy is a Kinetic Imaging screening, featuring 18 single-channel pieces ranging from 48 seconds to 13 minutes. The work in this screening displays a breadth of media and techniques, including video, hand-drawn and 2D computer animation, stop motion, and 3D computer graphics, with styles ranging from documentary to abstract and experimental.

Anderson virtual install

Once inside the gallery lobby, the Kinetic Imaging screening
“Crown Shy” is featured in the Virtual Anderson Theater,
which is located at the back of the gallery lobby.

Crown Shy Program:

More about the participating artists:

Hank Allen

Hank Allen is a self-taught transmedia and graphic design artist currently based out of Richmond Virginia. Much of their work is centered around the role of the artist in society and identity in the internet age with a keen interest in pop culture, counter-culture, and so-called “low brow” forms of art. Their work is in a constant state of metamorphosis which coincidentally a major influence in their work and their practice. Allen’s most recent work aesthetically recontextualizes counter-culture art form the 80s into a new digital work, touching down on themes of alienation and effects of postmodernism all while keeping the edge of the original work alive for a modern Audience. Hank is currently undergoing their fourth and final year at VCU for a BFA in Kinetic Imaging.

Eric Bailey

Eric Bailey is an experimental animator, cinematographer, editor and modeler based in Richmond, VA. Bailey’s work tends to revolve around immersive world development, be it virtual worlds or immersive spaces, or physical constructions in our own worldspace. Bailey’s work also often rides a fine line between oppressive and voluntary interaction with the audience, experimenting with the juxtaposition of roles and levels of imposed responsibility placed upon the audience. Most recently Eric’s work has been pushing him in the direction of longer duration collaborative pieces that allow him to work with other artists in creating worlds of a scale larger than could be accomplished on his own. Eric Bailey is in his final year at VCU, studying to receive his BFA in Kinetic Imaging at VCU.

Maya Barnes

Maya Barnes is a multimedia artist based in Richmond, Virginia that specializes in audio and video work. Through writing, aural tone, and visual loops she is able to create multifaceted works with a united collection of thoughts, a story, or an exploration of the self. By working through memories of the past, the artist intends to pave a road for viewers to either follow at a distance or hold a tight grasp of the work. Through various forms of media the artist practices self-reflection, and in turn, self-destruction, to meditate over personhood and existence that manifests in sound and video. 

Jacob Billow

Jacob Billow was born in 1997 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. In 2020, he received his BFA in Kinetic Imaging at Virginia Commonwealth University. Billow has already been included in various exhibitions including “The East Carolina University Undergraduate Exhibition” in Greenville, North Carolina, “Frames Per Second” at Artworks Gallery in Richmond, Virginia, and “Cluster” at The Sediment Gallery in Richmond, Virginia, and the online exhibition “Crown Shy & Perennial Roots”. Billow currently lives and works in Richmond, Virginia.

Arpita Chatterji

Arpita Chatterji was born in Columbia, Maryland in 1998, and grew up in Ashburn, VA. She received her BFA in Kinetic Imaging in 2020 at Virginia Commonwealth University, where her work focused on cultural heritage and ancestry. Her primary areas of work are video and short stories, and she is particularly interested in UX/UI design for its importance in accessibility. She currently resides in Ashburn, VA.

Aliyah Decker

Aliyah Decker was born in 1998 in New York, grew up in Virginia. In 2020, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Kinetic Imaging at Virginia Commonwealth University. Decker and her collaborative team Pinkbox have been included in the online publication Digital America in 2019 with their VR piece when the seasons change, my feelings change. She has also been recognized in the Poictesme Film Festival in Richmond, where she won Best in Show with her animated film Dear Abby in 2019. These days, her work is mostly focused on animation (2D and 3D), but she has a growing interest in sound design and programming. Decker currently lives and works in Richmond, VA. 

Jonny Dell’Angelo

Johnny Dell’Angelo is an animator from Roebling, NJ, born in 1998. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Kinetic Imaging. During his studies, he interned for Cryptid Rescues LLC, in Richmond, VA, and BGB Group, in NYC. His animations are focused on the eccentric processes of creative development and heavily inspired by stream of consciousness. His animated shorts have been selected at several national festivals, including the Art All Night Festival in Trenton, NJ, and the BAM! Festival in Angleton, TX. 

Caitlin Dinoia

Caitlin Dinoia was born in 1998 in Alexandria, Virginia. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Kinetic Imaging with a minor in Political Science from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2020. Her practice ranges from traditional 2D animation to applications of Virtual Reality and Augmented reality to music and sound production. Dinoia has most recently been featured in a publication of Digital America in 2019. Her work on the animated short film, Stranger From the Deep, is a collaboration between Meg Rogers, Jamie Knierim, and Caspar Pham.

Michelle Dominado

Michelle Erin Dominado was born in 1997 in Yokosuka, Japan. She received her BFA in Kinetic Imaging at Virginia Commonwealth University in May 2020. Her creative work revolves around beauty in nature, organic shapes and spaces, and soft storytelling with textural sensitivity. In 2019, Michelle was a recipient of the VMFA Fellowship Award for Film/Video for her stop motion and sand animation work and was awarded the Kinetic Imaging Award of Excellence. This year, she will be a student volunteer for SIGGRAPH virtual conference in Washington D.C. Michelle currently resides in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Olivia Duke

Olivia Duke was born in 1997 in Richmond, Virginia. In 2020, she received her BFA in Kinetic Imaging at Virginia Commonwealth University. Duke enjoys collaboration and wants to create visual content for local businesses and communities. In the past, she has worked with college marketing agency The Black Sheep and non-profit organization The “#YouDefineYou” Project. Later this year, she will be attending the Virginia Forum to present a virtual reality project she helped create with faculty at Shenandoah University. Duke currently resides in Richmond, Virginia and is looking for employment opportunities.

Angie Gan

Angie Gan is originally from Malaysia. She earned her BFA in Kinetic Imaging along with a minor in business from Virginia Commonwealth University. She primarily makes non-fiction work that focuses on the topic of culture and family. At a young age, Angie has had her work featured in multiple film screenings such as the Virginia Film Festival and the Opine Dance Film Festival. She is currently residing in Henrico, Virginia and is working full time for Virginia REALTORS®.

Tiffani Green

Tiffani Green was born and raised in the small town of Windsor, Virginia. In 2020 she received her BFA in Kinetic Imaging at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her recent achievements include acceptance into the Indie Bits festival and founding The Animation Club at VCUarts. This Summer, she has plans to work on independent animation and comic projects.

Matin Kordnavahsi

Matin Kordnavahsi was born in 1991 in Tehran, Iran. In 2013, he moved to the United States and currently lives in Richmond, Virginia. By the summer of 2020, he will be receiving his BFA in Kinetic Imaging at VCU. He is interested in visual storytelling and uses different mediums, including video, photography, and animation in his works. His works pivot around underprivileged and ordinary people, as he believes anybody has a story worth sharing. Matin has received several recognitions and awards during his time at VCU; including the Dean’s International Research Grant in 2019 as well as an Award of Excellence during his senior year.

Rowan Martin

Rowan Martin studied animation at Virginia Commonwealth University and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Kinetic Imaging. Based in Virginia, she specializes in both 2D and 3D animation as well as digital illustration. Being split down the middle as a creative and analytical thinker, her work continues to explore contrasting relationships with both the fantastical, and reality. Similar to the way she was influenced while growing up, she aspires to work on features with companies such as Cartoon Network and Adult Swim in hopes of inspiring and entertaining others. 

Jordan Nuckols

Jordan Nuckols is an animator, performance artist, and filmmaker currently located and working out of Richmond, Virginia. Their practice utilizes experimental narratives within multicultural storytelling in order to create enthralling visual performances. Often searching for the purity of raw emotions, Nuckols will go to great endurance lengths in order to achieve this within his pieces. Nuckols is also fond of the belief that a piece is an extension of one’s true self, and for that reason views himself primarily as a collaboration artist, preferring to see the creation of something new from multiple perspectives rather than a singular one. He graduated from VCU in 2020 with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinetic Imaging.

Sophia Price

Sophia Price was born in 1998 in Chapel Hill North Carolina where she grew up. After high school, she moved to Richmond Virginia to attend Virginia Commonwealth University. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2020 in Kinetic Imaging. Her focus is on animation and video editing. Her medium ranges from 2D animation to 3D animation and motion graphics. She hopes to create and tell stories to wide audiences independently and in collaboration with other artists Recently she has been interested in mixing mediums such as 2D and 3D and is exploring ways to further her knowledge of new programs.

Erica Nicole Resurrecion

Erica Nicole Resurrecion was born in 1998 in Fairfax, Virginia.  In 2020, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Kinetic Imaging as well as a minor in Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University. Upcoming Shows include a virtual exhibition “Crown Shy & Perennial Roots”. Resurreccion currently lives and works in Ashburn, Virginia.

Meg Rogers

Meg Rogers was born in 1998, in Paterson, New Jersey. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Kinetic Imaging from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2020. Rogers has already been included in various film festivals including “Pictoplasma Berlin Festival: #CharacterStareDown” at Acud Macht Neu, Berlin, Germany, and “Southeastern International Film festival” at The Cambria, Nashville, Tennessee. She has also provided design work for Street Sense Media in Washington, DC. Her work on the short film, Stranger from the Deep is a collaboration between Jamie Kinerim, Caitlin Dinoia, and Caspar Pham and is expected to be released in full in fall of 2020; the trailer of this film focuses on two LGBT characters, in a setting that melds Scottish folklore with modern fantasy. This film is meant to show representation in a genre where such topics can be pretty sparse. Rogers currently resides in Virginia and is looking for freelance and in-house animation opportunities. 

Max Rooney

Max Rooney is a visual artist and filmmaker from Richmond, Virginia.  His work toys with
cultural identity and it’s various mutations derided from the internet and it’s fetishized
recycling of archetypes.  Experimentation, collaboration, and seeing how far an idea or concept can be manipulated is his primary goal.  He graduated from VCU with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinetic Imaging and minor in Painting and Printmaking.

Michael Shea

Michael Shea is a filmmaker and digital artist from Middlebury, Vermont. Before he completed a BFA in Kinetic Imaging, he was a graduate of the Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center Design & Illustration program. His work has been featured in Digital America, and at VCUarts Rough Cut. He currently resides in Richmond, Virginia.

Syd Stoffel

Syd Stoffel is a Richmond-based video artist, creating narratives that tackle issues of familial, intimate relationships and self-navigation. Art-making is inherently cathartic; Syd believes her narratives should be too. She will be receiving her BFA in Kinetic Imaging from Virginia Commonwealth University this fall. In a few months she will be participating in the Solstice 2020 Benefit Auction, an event held by the non-profit organization Oakwood Arts, where she currently holds the position as the motion graphics intern.

Z Wang

Z Wang was born in the United States and spent their childhood in China, California, and Texas. In 2020 they received their BFA in Kinetic Imaging and BS in Computer Science at Virginia Commonwealth University. Z is mostly interested in exploring internal ideation and outward presentation in a digital context. For their research with Dr. Kate Sicchio in live coding, Z has presented at the International Conference on Live Coding 2020, as well as performing there as a solo artist. When working narratively, Z prefers to follow the iceberg theory. Their piece in this show, Storge, follows suit and attempts to capture the revelations of adolescence.