artwork made of fiber

The Fiber Program is dedicated to the idea that a student’s future success is dependent on creative excellence, strong technical skills and a good basic liberal arts education.


The Fiber program is dedicated to the idea that a students future success is dependent on creative excellence, strong technical skills, a passion for the materials and a strong liberal arts education.

Our courses are designed to allow each student to pursue a personal direction in their work that may be traditional or non-traditional, applied or non-applied. While emphasis is placed on ideation, courses promote an atmosphere conducive to material and technical exploration. Courses at all levels are designed to explore both basic issues and specialized topics. Specific surface design courses focus on pattern design, direct and resist dye techniques, screen printing and embellishment. Weaving courses focus on both image and pattern and cover tapestry, drafting, pattern weaving and related dye processes. Other course work includes feltmaking, embroidery, quilting, crochet and knitting.
Our well equipped studios are available to our students 24 hours a day. The textile studios and dye facility have beautiful natural light. The large, open studios encourage casual interaction between the students at all levels.


The University offers an MFA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Fiber. The MFA Fiber program entails two years of intensive studio work. Graduate students are expected to demonstrate a serious dedication to their work and to the development of mature ideas and forms of expression.

We encourage deep exploration of ideas, techniques and materials. Students may work in an inter-disciplinary manner or focus entirely on fiber. This is primarily a self directed program where students make the decisions about their direction of study. Each student meets regularity with a Faculty committee where lively critiques and conversations about the students work are the goal. An average week includes a Fiber graduate studio class, Graduate Seminar, Critique Class, studio hours and perhaps an Art History class. The Department has an active Visiting Artist Program and students are encouraged to take advantage of studio visits with our guest artists.

The Fiber program is small and select. Four students work in private or semi-private studios within the Fiber area. The students have access to a wide range of equipment, print tables, and a dye room.


The Fiber Program occupies two large studios, along with a complete dye facility, a darkroom for photo screen preparation and cleaning, and a graduate studio.

The Surface Design Studio is outfitted with two 5’x10′ and two 6’x10′ print tables and various other working surfaces. The Weaving Studio is equipped with 24 looms including a 16 harness AVL compu-dobby loom, 3 Shannock tapestry looms and a wide range of Macomber, Gillmore and Cranbrook looms, along with warp preparation equipment.