Kinetic Imaging Senior Show 2020

The Kinetic Imaging Senior Show: Crown Shy and Perennial Roots celebrates the graduating class of 2020, and is part of the Anderson’s Virtual Capstone Exhibition that was organized to support those departments directly impacted by the cancellation of the Senior Capstone Exhibitions Rnd. 2: Kinetic Imaging, Painting + Printmaking, Photography + Film, originally scheduled for March 19—21 2020 at the Anderson. 

Crown Shy and Perennial Roots features the work of 38 graduating seniors from the Department of Kinetic Imaging class of 2020. Between introducing a platform for sharing web-based works, using 3D computer graphics software to build virtual versions of installation based-work, and scheduling online screenings of single-channel video and animation work in a virtual theater, Kinetic Imaging students have made the most of the advantages offered by exhibiting in a virtual space. As Chase Westfall, Curator of Student Exhibitions and Programs, states “the Virtual Capstone experience is not a replacement for a traditional exhibition experience—it is something else. It is a gesture toward innovation, invention, accessibility, and a new kind of hyper content as a countercurrent to some of the stasis experienced elsewhere in our moment.”

Once inside the gallery lobby, the Kinetic Imaging exhibition “Perennial Roots” is located in the first gallery on the right and the Kinetic Imaging screening “Crown Shy” is in the Virtual Anderson Theater, located at the back of the gallery lobby.

The Kinetic Imaging senior projects fall into three categories:

Virtual Screening

Opening screenings of Crown Shy:
August 8 2020 at 7pm & 11pm
Limited additional screenings:
August 9 2020 at 10am & 2pm
August 15 2020 at 2pm & 11pm
August 16 2020 at 10am & 7pm

Virtual Exhibition

Perennial Roots opens to the public on August 8 2020
in the Kinetic Imaging Gallery in the Virtual Anderson

Web-Based Projects

Kinetic Imaging is a program dedicated to video, animation, sound, and emerging media and the many hybrids and extensions of those areas. For more information about the Department of Kinetic Imaging at VCUarts, view the main department page.