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The purpose of KINE 492: Internship is to allow students the opportunity for creative learning experiences in the professional realm, under the direction and supervision of qualified practitioners. Students must begin and complete the internship during the semester they are enrolled in KINE 492: Internship. No credit will be given retroactively.

To be eligible for an internship, it is highly recommended that the student has completed at least 24 credits in KI courses and have a minimum GPA of a 3.0 in the major. KINE 492: Internship is a variable credit from 1-3; it is expected that the student devotes at least 40 hours of work for each credit earned, which would mean that 3 credits (most popular) would require at least 120 hours of work, over the course of the semester. May be repeated for a total of 6 credits.

Steps to Securing an Internship:

  • While students are encouraged to find an internship through their own research, it is strongly encouraged to attend the Annual KI Internship Fair, which generally takes place on the 3rd Wednesday of October. Students will be provided an information sheet for each internship site present, which includes instructions on how to apply.
  • If accepted for an internship opportunity, download the Learning Agreement, and work with the Site Supervisor to complete and sign the form.
  • Submit the completed form to Stephanie R. Thulin, Assistant Chair (and Internship Coordinator) of Kinetic Imaging, in order to obtain an override for the course.

For more information on KINE 492: Internship, download the associated syllabus, which outlines the full process. For general questions or to request the information sheet for a specific internship site, please contact Stephanie R. Thulin at

Additional internship resources: