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Meet our MFA students

Bella Kubo

Bella Kubo is an interdisciplinary artist from Detroit, Michigan. Kubo uses video, sculpture, sound, performance, and installation to investigate and recontextualize comforts in the mundane. She is particularly interested in the concept of the home as a habitat. Kubo believes this notion specifies one’s environment, the state of one’s environment, one’s species, and one’s relationship to their environment. Being someone who has relocated and moved throughout their entire life, Kubo is constantly analyzing and questioning the importance of place.

Chad Mundie

Chad Mundie (b. 1996, Fredericksburg, VA) works with video and sculpture to build dreamlike domestic scenes and assemblages that look to subvert the icon of the suburban home and the illusion of a perfect American life. An intruder living within the walls of a home plays cat and mouse with the unsuspecting owner, A plume of smoke rises from the shower drain, a man unbuttons his shirt to reveal a window. Through his practice he explores the boundaries of space, family, adolescence, memory, gaze, and tradition.

muthi reed

maker and poet 


I compose and animate light, space and sound with public and personal archive material. I take Black aesthetics, embellish them with Black things, pull aesthetics apart, and reimagine Black citing the miraculous of the mundane. The composite icons are made and shared as sketches of sonic memory and vernacular acts of care.

Lindsey Arturo

LNZ aka cloudface aka 2phones aka margaritaville39 aka peacedude aka youngyounghonda aka lazyArtu aka harvey aka accidentalpizza aka me, is an internet artist b.1990. I explore the internet through an ever growing list of online handles/identities and videos. By blurring irl/url presence into hyperreal worlds, I question and playfully critique the internet & “tEcHNoloGy” as a seductively efficient disaster.