Meet our MFA students

Lindsey Arturo

LNZ aka cloudface aka 2phones aka margaritaville39 aka peacedude aka youngyounghonda aka lazyArtu aka harvey aka accidentalpizza aka me, is an internet artist b.1990. I explore the internet through an ever growing list of online handles/identities and videos. By blurring irl/url presence into hyperreal worlds, I question and playfully critique the internet & “tEcHNoloGy” as a seductively efficient disaster.

Kaitlyn Paston

I work between video, sound, animation, and installation. Using vocalization, movement and mark-making, I filter ideas through the body and edit in an ongoing process of collage. I’m interested in bodies’ relationship to media and subjective experiences of space and time. Starting with text or narrative,  I sift through layers of performance and disassemble language to explore the ways in which meaning shifts through repetition, musicality, emotion, duration, and altered modes of listening.


Samson Stillwell

Hi, I’m Samson. I make art works that often combine many different mediums although sometimes they are just sculptures. I’m pretty concerned about the world and skeptical of the role of the artist within it. I love sharing and I like being around people. I have participated frequently in artist-run project spaces, especially around New York City such as Gern en Regalia, Mole End, and Triest and online at and I’m happy to be here.

black and white image of a nude female body with knees pulled into the chest

Rohini Maiti

Much of my studio practice is an ontological exploration of cognitive sciences through lenses of spirituality and consciousness. Inspired by my own bio-geographical experiences of growing up in India, China, and the USA, I am interested in cross-cultural perspectives of the nature of being. Subscribing to a kind of assemblage philosophy in my studio practice and research, I enjoy creating experiences of childlike inventiveness, and questioning the frameworks and systems through which we understand ourselves and the world around us.


photo of the artist at work in an industrial space

Chrystine Rayburn

I am a sound collector and maker who listens to thresholds and entanglements of institutional and environmental spaces. Through archiving, electroacoustic composition, and installation I explore how organizing and manipulating sound can transform and complicate the boundaries of source, embodiment, and memory.

selfie of the artist

Leilei Xia

Leilei Xia was born in Guangzhou, China. She is an intermedia artist who works in experimental animations, video art, tactile art, and participatory collective art. She is always trying to ride on the boundaries of the frames, and blend genres and materials coexist in a project. Currently her research has been focusing on combining the process and the result of art together to make art not as a noun but as a verb. 

She is the founder of Tactileye(触目艺术小组), an art collective focusing on the exploration of tactile art. She also actively participates in various community projects and collaboration, such as Icosa magazine (二十面体), Book Whisper Reading Club (书言俱乐部), Inspiration Buyers’ Club(灵感买家俱乐部).

Personal Website: