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Minor in animation

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About the Program

The minor in Animation is housed in the Department of Kinetic Imaging and includes relevant elective options from majors across the School of the Arts. 

The minor in Animation is for students who seek to combine technical and conceptual approaches to animation. Students can expect to gain a basic understanding of contemporary interdisciplinary animation practices, the history of animation and a background on the creative approaches to animation arts. 

A minor in Animation consists of 18 credits:

  • KINE 245 Animation Practices (4 credits, required course) 
  • ARTH 370 History of Animated Film (3 credits, required course) 
  • KINE 405 Animation Studio (1 credit, required course, offered spring semester) 
  • In addition, select 10 credits from the list of elective options, which includes a variety of relevant classes from across the School of the Arts

*please note that some courses may have prerequisites and may require an override or permission from the host dept/instructor

For a full list of courses and electives, please see the Bulletin page

If a student takes 1-2 classes per semester, this minor can be completed in 1.5 – 3 academic years. Open to all VCU students! Acceptance is based on the review of the VCU Change of Major or Minor Application. A personal statement and a link to an online portfolio are required. 

Personal statement – Please communicate your experience in animation (if any), why this minor is interesting to you and how this minor will support your goals for learning and research. 

Portfolio – The portfolio may contain still images (digital or hand drawn, not photo), storyboards, and moving images (can be motion graphics/animation). 

Please take note of deadlines on the application page, For questions, please email us at Please note, admission into this minor is competitive. Consult with your academic advisor for degree progress questions before you apply.