Communication Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in visual effects

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About the Program

Students in the visual effects concentration are seeking a specialization in the artistic, technical, and narrative production of digital, visual effects for live action footage.

The Communication Arts courses will focus on 2D and 3D software, digital filming, compositing, motion-capture, and applicable post-production workflows.

The approved Cinema course will focus on the mechanics of screenwriting to serve as a foundation for interpreting narrative storytelling into a visual effects storyboard.

The program has mandatory technology requirements for all students. The computer and accessory specifics can be found here, under: Second Year Students – Communication Arts.

VCUarts | Communication Arts VFX Concentration and Minor

Why should a Communication Arts student apply?
The courses combine art and technology for a broad understanding of digital visual effects and was designed for students who want a professional career in post-production and visual effects.

How do students apply for the concentration?
Any Communication Arts student can apply. For consideration, apply at following all university admissions deadlines, policies and fees. Applicants will be reviewed every fall for a spring semester acceptance. Communication Arts students should continue to take courses towards their BFA while awaiting acceptance into the concentration as most required classes can be applied towards both degrees.

What Communication Arts classes are required for the concentration?
The degree requirements can be found here:

How can a student graduate in a timely manner?
The 120 credits required for this degree can be completed during a four-year course of study. Students should meet with their academic advisor to better understand the plan of study.

art foundation

The Art Foundation program (AFO) is the required first year for all undergraduate programs in the visual art and design departments. It provides you with an intellectually rigorous, studio-based experience in the fundamental issues of art and design. AFO is designed to help you foster an enthusiasm for your work and the means to reflect analytically and critically. Completion of the Art Foundation Program is a prerequisite for entry into all visual arts and design departments: Art Education, Communication Arts, Craft/Material Studies, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Kinetic Imaging, Painting + Printmaking, Photography + Film, and Sculpture + Extended Media.

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