Dorian Cohen

Adjunct Instructor

Department of Communication Arts

Dorian graduated from VCU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts, concentrating on Illustration.  After graduation, he went on to gain more knowledge and tutelage from the Illustration Academy, where he learned a multitude of techniques and mediums, from well renowned illustrators, such as, Gary Kelley, John English, George Pratt, Anita Kunz, Sterling Hundley and many more. Since then, Dorian has worked for MediVisuals, Inc. as an illustrator and production coordinator, and also does freelance illustration and graphic design. 

Dorian uses many techniques in his illustration, and does not stick to one medium. He employs the use of digital mediums, such as Photoshop and Procreate, but his love for traditional medium trumps all. He uses pen and ink, acrylic, gouache and printmaking, especially, block priniting. When he’s not making art and spending time with his family, Dorian is rock’n and roll’n on the guitar or bass in a couple of local Richmond bands.