Andrew Davies

Adjunct Instructor

Department of Communication Arts

Andrew’s multifaceted interests have taken him from the largest ad agency in Barbados, to building the ad agency now known as MadGENIUS Creative Fusion in MIssissippi. He now leads the creative team at strategic design consultancy, Paragon Design Group, and in his capacity as Creative Director straddles the worlds of print, UX and motion design in addition to speaking nationally on matters of design & creativity.

Throughout his career he’s worked with clients such as The Weather Channel, American Express, The National Geographic Channel and Gulfstream Aerospace and has won numerous national awards in the process. He’s been featured in publications from Layers magazine, American Corporate ID, and Hoffstra University Press, and has had his animated Anancy Stories screened at the Travelling Caribbean Film and Animae Caribe Festivals.

Andrew currently serves on the board of the RIchmond AIGA chapter and faculty advisor to the undergraduate journal AUCTUS.