The Art Foundation Program provides an intellectually rigorous, studio-based experience in the fundamental issues of art and design.

The program is designed to help you foster an enthusiasm for your work and the means to reflect analytically and critically.

Completion of the Art Foundation Program is a prerequisite for entry into all visual art and design departments: Art Education, Communication Arts, Craft/Material Studies, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Kinetic Imaging, Painting + Printmaking, Photography + Film, and Sculpture + Extended Media.

What Students Say

“…The most valuable thing I have learned over my time in AFO is that you can make nearly anything happen if you want it badly enough…”

— Ellie Doughty

“AFO is a roller coaster. It is intense and worth it…”

— Jasmin Calvert

“I had fears about a ‘boot camp,’ but in retrospect, AFO is the perfect format for that first year. I made connections with students who went to different departments, learned to appreciate others’ areas of strength, and vice versa.”

— Holly Lester, Sculpture + Extended Media

“(Talking + Art = Awesome)”

— Chance Godwin