Sarah B. Drummond 1950

Owner and Operator, Rockwood Manor

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For 30 years, Sarah (Kent Blakemore) Drummond owned her own design studio in Maitland, Florida. She now owns and operates Rockwood Manor, a B&B and Event Center in Dublin, Virginia. Check out Rockwood Manor at

“I had to refurnish my great grandmother’s huge house as well as our home in Emory, Virginia, now being used by the Emory & Henry College. I am honored to be a trustee for that wonderful college. I think that I was the only female in my class of interior designers, a wonderful group that took great care of me. ‘Tis a delight to watch what is happening to old RPI (Richmond Professional Institute, now VCU). Your training did another neat thing for me. It taught me to quickly sketch an idea for my design work. A true delight for the client to observe. You still have my best wishes even though I’m so busy with Rockwood and Emory. Before I left Richmond I worked with Paris Shade Shop, Richmond Art Co. and Thalheimers Design Studio.”