Laura Battaglia

Assistant Professor

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Department of Interior Design

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Laura Battaglia, AIA, LEED ap

Ms. Battaglia is an Assistant Professor of Interior Design in the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University who has taught previously at Hampton University, North Carolina State University, and the Art Institute of Virginia Beach. As an educator with over 20 years of professional experience in interior design and architecture, she values a comprehensive approach to design education: one that bridges research, practice, and creative exploration. Her interests focus on interdisciplinary collaborations that result in new research used as teaching tools such as exploring Virginia’s first virtual microgrid neighborhood. Her current grant establishes a new digital archive, “Charles H. Williams and the intersection of dance and architecture” as a teaching platform for engaging design and humanities students. Another academic focus is early design education. Ms. Battaglia founded and directed Archi Camp – a summer camp that provides an intensive design course to local middle school students of color. She is owner of studiobattaglia, LLC and holds degrees from Cornell University and the University of Virginia.