Ruth Deibler

Adjunct Professor

Department of Interior Design

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Ruth holds a BS in Interior Design from Radford University (‘04) and an MFA in Interior Environments (‘21) from VCU. At VCU, she teaches Design Fundamentals and Business Practices for Interior Designers.

Her philosophy for design education is grounded in exposure: presenting possibility, and opportunity, identifying personal tools and strategies to create fulfilling and useful design work and reiterating the power of space to support healing.

She is a commercial interior designer and construction manager with her own practice, Space + Strategy Studio. Additionally, she manages marketing, branding, and operational initiatives for her husband’s CPA firm, DeiblerCPA. Her design practice is focused primarily in the healthcare, healthy aging, and commercial real estate markets. Her work has morphed her into a fierce advocate for equity in design, access to outdoor space for mental health, healthy aging, and walkable, multi-generational communities. She is a Board Member of the Newport News Green Foundation and a member of the American Society of Interior Designer’s Advocacy by Design Council; a council focused on the further development of the interior design profession’s code of ethics, international code development, and life safety.