Philip Noland BFA 2002

Computer Design Visualization Specialist, Philip Noland

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The Interior Design department at VCUarts offered me an opportunity to learn CAD and 3d software. This was 10 years ago when 3d was relatively new. Today it’s a different story. We see it everywhere!

While working as an architectural drafter in Montana, I taught myself 3dsMax and other similar programs. There was definitely a learning curve, but it got easier once I started connecting the dots. There are so many technical aspects to rendering and modeling, it is sometimes very difficult finding the right answer to a modeling or rendering question. Autodesk Revit introduced me to the world of Building Information Modeling and was the primary reason I became more involved with 3d modeling and rendering. It has bridged the gap into the higher-end modeling programs like Maya and 3dsMax.

Though it doesn’t replace the pen or pencil, there is so much you can do with 3d rendering and modeling. It is a powerful way to communicate design and is extremely fun to work with. My career goals remain inside the realm of Architecture and Interior Design but the knowledge one gains while learning 3d software can translate into many other professions. I honestly love creating computer models and encourage anyone seeking the same experience to dive right in.