Student Spotlight: Ethan Apr 18, 2019

Favorite filmmaker
I consistently enjoy Edgar Wright’s films. I think he is the master of modern comedy in a world where most comedies are, frankly, not great. His movies are funny and a great example of how films can contribute to a genre.

What’s your second major/double minor/why did you choose it?
Political science. A lot of people ask me if I want to make things like West Wing or House of Cards. I have absolutely no desire to do that, but I think growing up in the DMV gave me interesting access to politics and a strong passion for learning about the government. It’s important to know not only how the country works but how to be politically and socially conscious in today’s world

What are you specializing in?
As someone who likes to be in control, I find it hard sometimes to watch others to do the “heavy lifting,” and as a result I love production. I think it’s extremely important. It teaches you how to really know what it’s like to actually put a movie together and learn the ins and outs of a film set. I would ultimately like to write, direct and produce – I like to do everything. But I think getting familiar with production will help me going into those other creative roles, by understanding the production aspects of them.

What is the most interesting part of the program?
The friends I’ve made and the connections I’ve found that I don’t think I would have any other way. I came from a big bubble up north that lacked diversity, and through the program, I’ve gotten to make friends that I wouldn’t have in any other program and its really enriched my experience and enjoyment here.

You’re up late finishing a cinema assignment, where are you and who are you with?
I actually have a story to go along with this. I was finishing a midterm for Professor Tyree’s History of Motion Picture class, and I was at the depot working. I had procrastinated until the day before it was due, and one of my friends, can I use their name? Okay, one of my friends Katie was there. We ended up going to Sonic, Target and 7/11 all while we should have been working on our midterm. In the car, we decided that we could just drive to New York…and a month later I went to New York with those same friends to see If Beale Street Could Talk.