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Yossera Bouchtia

Assistant Professor

Yossera Bouchtia

Cinema Program

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Yossera Bouchtia is a Moroccan-American screenwriter/director whose work is committed to challenging stereotypes, dispelling misconceptions, and shedding light on hidden truths while bridging the gap between the eastern and western worlds. Her past film work has explored the role of religion and culture in shaping feminine identity and has been featured in The Huffington Post, Jezebel, and Morocco World News. Most recently, she co-wrote and directed an Alfred P. Sloan funded short film on the life and work of astronomer Vera Rubin. Yossera received her MFA in Directing from Columbia University and earned both a BS in Psychology and a BA in Cinema from Virginia Commonwealth University. She currently lives in Virginia and is an Assistant Professor of Cinema here at VCUarts.