Cinema Students wrap up 3-day Camera Assistant Seminar with Douglas C Hart Oct 21, 2017

We checked in with Douglas C Hart, Charlie Harris and our students on the last day of their 3 day camera assistant seminar!

Said Doug of VCUarts Cinema students working on 35MM film:

“Film is still the standard for most Films and TV Series. Everyone should do it. It’s the best practice for learning how to be a professional Camera A.C. and Filmmaker.”

Our students on their experience:

“Hearing from a professional AC was great because it’s such a specified role that requires hands-on experience.”

“I thought it was fun hearing about all of Doug’s camera experiences!”

“I had fun getting my hands on the cameras and learning from a lifelong professional’s insights. It will help me for the rest of my Cinema career.”

“There was so much knowledge…I hope to use it on professional shoots.”

Doug Hart on our students: “Whatever you guys are doing is working!”


Big thanks to Doug Hart for coming to help out our students, and of course to Prof Charlie Harris for helping out!