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Jul 2012 11

We have begun the post-production process of the 2012 Summer Intensive Films! Here are a few of our favorite  behind the scenes stills! To see more, please visit






Jul 2012 11

We have been hard at work all summer long and we have finally completed filming the five summer intensive films! The films are now in the editing process and getting ready to be screened at the Grace Street Theatre this Fall! Visit to get more updates on the summer films and to see more stills from the productions!


Written by Ryan Coleman
Directed by Shane Torres
Produced by Marah Archer

When his son deserts him on their plans for a birthday steak dinner, Paul Hudson, a young-spirited and independent older man, decides to take matters into his hands. Sick of being forgotten and treated like a decrepit old man, Paul and his dementia stricken companion, Chefsy, bust out of their retirement home for a night on the town.


Written by PJ Norton
Directed by Eliot John Hagen
Produced by Michael Duni

A year after the death of their son, Tim and Julia struggle to connect in the midst of their mourning.  Tim works to leave the past behind, while Julia clings to her grief and refuses to look towards the future.  In an attempt to help Julia cope with the loss, Tim propels the couple into a series of social encounters that force them to address the distance that has grown between them and acknowledge validity of each other’s grief.


Written by Will Mattimoe
Directed by Amy Fox
Produced by Olivia Blackwell and Autumn Dea

Shannon and Lucretia’s typically boring day working at a gas station is
interrupted by the arrival of Sarah and Julia, two wealthy girls with car trouble.
Tension ensues as personalities clash,  and the girls must find strength
in one another to survive something  more dangerous than racial differences.
A young man from Lucretia’s past who is desperate to get out of town, decides
to hold up the gas station.  Will the girls make it out unharmed?  Will Lucretia’s
Blow-Pop habit bring her harm?  Find out in the new comedy from VCUarts
Cinema, Four Bitches and a Gun (Four BAG).


Written by Erika Kieffer
Directed by Andy Kennedy-Derkay
Produced by Marlee Kamis

After failing to resolve a conflict with her neighbor about his dog, Attlee, a timid resident of Cumberland Trailer Park, is approached by a rugged newcomer who offers to take care of her problem with his own personal touch. This leads to a series of events that prompt her to push back against the confines of her isolation.


Written by Eileen Halpin
Directed by PJ Norton
Produced by Kate Marlette

After running into a mysterious thief, a young boy living in a dystopian future begs his mother to take him home, where he comes to realize the power of imagination.

Jun 2012 19

With the help of our friends from the Virginia Film Office, the Virginia Production Alliance, In Your Ear, Dreams Factory, and many more; the graduating class get some advice from seasoned industry professionals on moving forward.

This event is held every year and provides VCUarts Cinema grads the opportunity to pass out resumes and mingle with some of the most influential, passionate local creative minds.

May 2012 31

Thank you so much to David Missall and Chris Spahr from Sennheiser for coming in to teach a masterclass in sound production yesterday! Students had the opportunity to use state of the art Sennheiser equipment including microphones, mixers and headphones. They also had the opportunity to do a hands on workshop simulating real world, professional sound recording.

Apr 2012 05

Mr. Claude Miller, one of the top French filmmakers of the past twenty years and, more importantly, a close friend of VCUarts Cinema, passed away yesterday.

Miller was the first Distinguished Director in Residence at VCUarts Cinema, coming on board in 2009.

Claude was loved and respected by his students, with whom he shared his wealth of knowledge and experience regarding cinema and life. Claude Miller was approachable, kind and full of good humor and joy. From working as assistant director for legendary names like Godard (Weekend), Trauffaut, and Bresson, to carrying the directing mantle himself, Mr Miller would become a director of great humanity and good cinematic taste.

VCUarts Cinema students worked closely with Claude and his producer and wife Annie Miller on their feature film MARCHING BAND in 2009.

He will be greatly missed by all of us at VCUarts Cinema.

We extend all our best wishes and prayers, from VCUarts Cinema family, to the Miller family.

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