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About Submitting Events to the VCUarts Calendar

Approved events

  • Events listed on the calendar must be organized, sponsored or affiliated with VCUarts.
  • All events must have a contact person and email listed.

Editorial criteria

  • The calendar’s audience consists of the VCUarts community (students, faculty and staff) and supporters of VCUarts—those that attend performances, lectures and exhibitions.
  • Events listed on the calendar must be open to the VCUarts community and/or the public.

Review and approval

  • Events on the VCUarts calendar are approved by calendar editors, with access for those editors maintained by the VCUarts Communications Office.
  • Ultimately, the VCUarts Communications Office reserves to right to approve, edit or reject events.
  • Please submit events two weeks in advance to allow time for editors to approve.


Contact Information

  • Descriptions of events are required. Please keep them brief—no more than a few sentences that describe the important details of the event (who, what, where, why, etc.).
  • Effective descriptions assume the reader is completely unfamiliar with the event or the organization (VCUarts). Avoid using acronyms or other campus lingo when writing an event description.

Event Image

Choose a .jpg, .png file under 20 MB in size.

  1. Uploading images is strongly encouraged.
  2. Images should be at least 2655px wide, have a 16:9 aspect ratio and be smaller than 5 MB.
  3. It is highly discouraged to upload the same image used for a print poster as it will likely become illegible given smaller screen sizes.
  4. If you are including words on the image, please keep it brief—no more than a few words or a short sentence. The words on your image must also be included in the event description, in order to meet VCU accessibility standards.
  5. Please ensure that you have the right to use any image that you upload.
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