Mallory Anderson

Adjunct Professor

Headshot of Mallory. She has long hair and is smiling. She is wearing a black felt hat and pink rimmed glasses.

Art Foundation

Mallory Burrell is a multi-media artist who focuses on making work centered around the environment, the psychology of collecting, and creation mythology. Burrell is an MFA graduate from James Madison University where she received her degree in intermedia studies in 2020. She received a BFA in Studio art and a BA in Art history from Virginia Tech in 2014.

In 2020, Mallory was awarded a Fulbright fellowship, the Western Sydney University Award inthe Arts, Environment, and Public Health, to work on a photography/videography project in theBadu mangrove forest in Sydney, Australia. Field work on this project will begin in 2022.

Burrell’s work can be found in recent publications from 2021 such as, Cartographies of theImagination, and Al-Tiba 9 magazine, as well as her website,