VCUarts Art Foundation Annual International Student Exhibition 2021: “Better”

“Better” is a virtual exhibition of outstanding first year student work from VCUarts Art Foundation.
For the first time, the AFO Annual includes work from both VCUarts Richmond and VCUarts Qatar AFO students.

Opening: Friday May 7, 5:00 PM (EDT) /
Saturday May 8, 12:00 AM Doha time

Artsteps is a virtual platform that allows for avatar interaction and chat. Create an account at and it will generate an avatar for you to virtually move around the gallery space and engage in conversation with other guests. Please note, this exhibition includes work which explores sensitive topics.

“Better” was juried by the AFO engagement committee and guest jurors: VCUQ Art Foundation Faculty: Assistant Professor, Hadeer Omar & Associate Professor Jesse Payne

Best in Show 

Kari Hadland

The Outlier Award 

Fin Soto

Relevance 2021 

Jabor Al Dosari
Final Fantasy

Technical Excellence

Walker Moore
Self Portrait

Double Disciplinary Award

Liana Tai
Dinner for the American Dream
a love letter to my lost culture.

Mural Prize

Bahar Bicak

This exhibition includes work by:
Alexandra Santiago
Allison Bilbey
Alyssa Dixon
Anna Burgoyne
Bahar Bicak
Betsy Kinstle
Brinnaria Schmiedicke 
Dila Hayati
Kari Hadland
Doaa Emam
Eileen Morley
Ellyx Martinez
Emily Waters
Esther Yang
Fatemehsadat Sajjadi Mohri
Fin Soto
Fro Williams
Gillian Wong
Gowri Maelathil
Gul Thakur
Hannah Diment
Jabor Al Dosari
Jangmi Paik
Jeah Hacinas
Jessica Cossio
Julia Yee
Julianna Sigler
Kaltham Al-Sulaiti
Kaltham Alfakhroo
Karmen Koch
Kat Do
Katherine Perez-Hernandez
Ken Truong
Kenley Mitchell
Kristen Andes
La Miyah Robertson
Leen Sylvain
Liana Tai
Lilly Parker
Lizzie Smith
Lolwa Al Attiya
Lu Le
Madeleine Poel
Margaret “Mia” Earls
Nadia Hurry
Natalie Reyes
Peter Kwapisz
Piper Johnson
Rachel Farzan
Rebecca Gilmore Lanz
Shawna Pfohl
Shouq Rahim
Stella Tessarollo
Surya Punjabi
Suzie Han
Tiffany Pham
Walker Moore
Zen Lamb